Laura Marie Ali and Angelo Tedesco

2015 Candidates for NJ State Assembly

Better Leadership....Better Decisions.....Better Results!

Laura Marie Ali and Angelo Tedesco are New Republicans running for NJ State Assembly LD 27 and we want to earn your vote and support!

Why we are Running.....


"Our state’s prosperity is at a critical crossroads.  Prior to Governor Christie, our state was on the brink of financial disaster.

Trenton politicians like our opponents raised taxes over 115 times. Now, we pay more to commute to work, provide our families with health insurance and even to turn the lights on in our homes.

After a decade of waste and mismanagement, local property taxes increased by 70%, our state lost 156,000 private-sector jobs and debt in New Jersey rose to record levels.

Codey, McKeon and Jasey have failed us in Trenton. Governor Christie needs a team in the legislature to pass tax relief and grow jobs.

We are dedicated to work with Governor Christie to get the job done for New Jersey!"

                                             Angelo Tedesco and Laura Ali

Republican Candidates for StateAssembly

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